Markus Heinsdorff designed a super high-tech pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.  This book details it.

Oscar Hidalgo-Lopez put his life’s work into Bamboo: A Gift of the Gods.  It’s the best book on all aspects of bamboo usage.  It appears on the verge of going out of print, so I bought a few copies that I’m selling for $75 each.  Email if you’re interested.

Jo Scheer has a great book of projects that can be made from bamboo.

Rob Henrikson put together a competition with Bamboo Living, then published some of the best of the next generation of bamboo architecture.


In no particular order…

Environmental Bamboo Foundation Overview of bamboo qualities:

Southern Bamboo Source of US-grown poles

Rancho Mastatal My favorite group of bamboo-obsessed natural builders in Costa Rica

Jo Scheer did the greatest assemblage of Google sketchup drawings of bamboo related objects

Northern California Chapter of the American Bamboo Society (has a charismatic President)

Vo Trong Nghia Co. A Vietnamese architect doing some of the best work in bamboo

U.S. Building code and bamboo.  If your species is tested, use these formulas and it’s approvable.

Haiku bamboo workshops and nursery

Antoon Versteegde hugely imaginative bamboo sculptor

bamboo machinery If you live anywhere near me and order these, I will be your best friend

bikes how to

Bamboo CO2 Some of best bamboo thinking in the U.S.: sculptures, materials supplier, great designers – go encourage them!

Akio Hizume defines “bamboo obsession” in my eyes.  Very interesting relationship of these round poles to math and music.

Bird’s Nest If you were wondering what the Beijing Olympic stadium might look like out of bamboo…

bamboo building blog Great photos, and you can practice your spanish

Bamboo competition Eye-opening examples of the next generation of bamboo design.

Silva and Rojas Leading architects in Colombian bamboo

Technorati Pretty good search for bamboo articles

Bamboo Hardwoods They make flooring and furniture, but they’ve really embraced bamboo plywood, one of the best sheet materials I’ve found.

Humbolt State University A project Darrel designed and built with a workshop, but was later demolished to make room for a huge campus building.

Use of splits in Xalapa Mexico




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    • Julee,
      Thanks for your interest. We’re having some temporary challenges getting books from the printer which we hope to resolve in the next month. There is a 40% discount on orders of 5 or more.

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